Panel no. 99 - National Intimacy, Historical Present and Possibilities of New Imaginaries


Title Prof First name Senka Last name Božić Vrbančić
Institution University of Zadar City Zadar Country HR


Title Dr First name Maree Last name Pardy
Institution name Deakin University City Melbourne Country AU


Panel title

National Intimacy, Historical Present and Possibilities of New Imaginaries

Panel abstract

Lauren Berlant argues that during the last few decades we witness a process of developing national intimacies in many western countries by coupling of private and public (the intimate public) which is linked to the discourses of a contemporary crisis (economic, environmental and so on.). As a result questions of social inequality and injustice have been covered over by personal narratives of suffering that demand compassion of fellow citizens. In this way, the state mandate for social justice has been replaced with a privatised ethics of responsibility that becomes a form of nation building. This panel invites papers working through affective registers to ethnographically capture national intimacies of the historical present ("activity of making sense of the present"), its relation to the past and its potential for producing more capacious epistemological and political lenses for generating new futures. Papers might attend to (but not limited to): national intimacy and precarity, national intimacy and environmental crises, national intimacy and humanitarianism, national intimacy and possibilities of new imaginaries, etc….

IUAES Commission