Panel no. 98 - Doing Anthropology: Locating the Self In/Through the Field


Title Dr First name Saakshi Last name Joshi
Institution University of Delhi City New Delhi Country IN


Title Dr First name Bernardo Last name Oliveira
Institution name City University of New York City New York Country US


Panel title

Doing Anthropology: Locating the Self In/Through the Field

Panel abstract

Aligning with the larger vision of the Inter-Congress which aims to discuss and contemplate change, this panel proposes to foreground the role of anthropological methods in deliberating on issues that oscillate between the "field" and the self. With the fusing disciplinary boundaries, anthropological methods in general and ethnography in particular have emerged as almost universalized methodological tools within the widening domains of social sciences and humanities. The proposed papers in this panel discuss how anthropology can build communities through field experiences. Nidhi's paper attempts to blur disciplinary boundaries, demanding that practitioners of education deploy anthropology's reflection-on-action and reflection-in-action to critically view and change their own practice, building communities of practitioners who are able to interpret and reinterpret everyday experiences. Bernado's paper uses auto-ethnography to discuss the emotional, psychological and social dimensions of the post-treatment experience of the researcher, bringing the "body" and its varying perceptions to the fore. Pushpendra's paper reflects upon the precarity of working in a conflict zone and how that shapes the idea of fieldwork and field. It proposes to discuss the issues of identity, access and challenges of conducting fieldwork in an occupied region. Saakshi's paper explores ideas of positionality and field through her ethnographic fieldwork in a region witnessing ecological and political transformations - the Himalayan mountains. The varying nature of the ethnographic "field" and the growing need to reflect on the self as well as on the field and its constituents are important concerns that echo through the four proposed papers in this panel.

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