Panel no. 95 - The Tides of Change: Living Off and With Heritage on the Coast


Title Ms First name Nataša Last name Rogelja Caf
Institution ZRC SAZU City Ljubljana Country SI


Title Mr First name Nicolas Last name Bautès
Institution name Department of Social Sciences of the French Institute of Pondicherry (UMIFRE 021 CNRS) City Pondicherry Country IN


Panel title

The Tides of Change: Living Off and With Heritage on the Coast

Panel abstract

Coastal areas across the globe are a place of rapid transformations due to climate change and emergence of new development priorities through an emphasis on industrialization, offshore energy and tourism. Most affected by these forces are the indigenous and local populations, including fisher folk that may see the disappearance of their way of life and their sense of place. Can heritage, understood as interrelated histories, artefacts, practices and ways of thinking that communities want to pass on to future generations, work as a tool of resistance to some of these changes? Can heritage-making mitigate trauma and threats to cultural memory, ontological security, and overall well-being of groups living on the coasts? What are the possibilities for minority actors to access the heritage-making fields (consisting of heritage regimes, institutional actors, and practitioners) and use it as a resource for their subjectification as well as subsistence? Are local understandings of the Past given attention and public recognition or they need to make way for more hegemonic forms of heritage prioritizing development and national belonging? Can heritage-making on the coast lead to more sustainable strategies of modernization? We invite proposals that aim to explore above themes through ethnography or any other form of research (including archival or discourse analysis) conducted with coastal populations regarding the diverse processes of heritage-making. We are particularly keen to include ethnographic research on heritage as a resource for "acts of citizenship" (Isin 2008) and community resilience.

IUAES Commission