Panel no. 92 - Anthropological Contribution in the Age of Global Health


Title Prof First name Etsuko Last name Matsuoka
Institution Nara Women's University City Nara City Country JP


Title Prof First name Wulf Last name Schiefenhövel
Institution name Max Planck Institute City Munich Country DE


Panel title

Anthropological Contribution in the Age of Global Health

Panel abstract

The past decade has seen an explosion of attempts worldwide to reduce mortality and morbidity under the name of global health. Global initiatives of the past MDGs and ongoing SDGs which contain many health-related goals are among such examples. In these global initiatives specific targets such as reducing maternal mortality, eradication of certain diseases, universal health coverage and else are put forward as challenges for coming of age on earth. These challenges weigh more heavily on low-income countries because part of them have already been tackled in high income countries. And this disparity itself is seen as health issues to be addressed in the expanding global health research. This panel wants to discuss what medical anthropology can contribute in the growing context of global health where public health perspectives holds a dominant place. Reduction of mortality and morbidity is beneficial for present and future generations. However, anthropological research has made clear that public health interventions aimed at reducing mortality could bring about unintended outcomes. Especially in low-income countries global agenda is quickly translated into national policies and donor organizations' projects both of which may cause dynamic changes on local people by exerting pressure. Also, the effect of proliferating health business in many parts of the world needs further investigation. This panel wants to include health related topics that bring in different areas of interests into medical anthropology. Next generation medical anthropology will take shape by bridging growing health demands exemplified in global health and sensitive understanding into local cultural settings.

IUAES Commission

IUAES Commission on Medical Anthropology and Epidemiology