Panel no. 86 - Small-Scale Food Producers: Legacies and Future Challenges


Title Mr First name Frédéric Last name Duhart
Institution UIEP City Huehuetla Country MX


Title Dr First name Thomas Last name Reuter
Institution name University of Melbourne City Melbourne Country AU


Panel title

Small-Scale Food Producers: Legacies and Future Challenges

Panel abstract

Small-Scale Food Producers include family farmers, pastoralists and fishermen, but also the last hunters-gatherers and growing communities of urban farmers. This panel critically reflects on the contemporary condition of small-scale food producers from the perspective of legacies and next generation challenges. For small-scale food producers who live in a traditional way, the importance of legacies or local cultural heritage is obvious and the question of transmission to the next generations is essential and often problematic. In a globalized world, the classical notion of preservation of traditions may be obsolete, or may need to be integrated with simultaneously occurring globalisation. For instance, the future of communities that traditionally hunt for food species now considered endangered by international institutions will be caught-up in complex external political processes in their quest to preserve their culture. Contributors are thus invited to ask and help address essential questions about the future challenges faced by small-scale food producers. This includes economic viability issues, such as their ability to access land and water, to produce in sustainable ways, or to manage effectively their relationships to other, often more powerful actors within food markets. It also includes socio-cultural viability issues, such as legacy, knowledge transmission and generational change.

IUAES Commission

IUAES Commission on Anthropology of Food and Nutrition and IUAES Commission on Anthropology and the Environment