Panel no. 84 - Imagine Kinship!


Title Dr First name Klavs Last name Sedlenieks
Institution Rigas Stradins University City Riga Country LV


Title Ms First name Anna Last name Klimova
Institution name University of Helsinki City Helsinki Country FI


Panel title

Imagine Kinship!

Panel abstract

This panel invites papers that explore how imagination shapes ways relatedness and kinship are understood, pictured and narrated in various aspects of human life from personal, public and state perspective linking past and present. We ask who, how, and in what way are imagined to be related, and how is this represented and narrated - starting from family trees, charts and family photo albums, and ending with drawings, maps, databases, documents, bureaucratic procedures, and other rituals. How does the dead or the ones that have never lived, or are just to be born enter the picture? How are they (dis)similar to the living? How are they able to maintain a place in social life and how do they shape individuals' pasts, presents and futures? And how does the "transparency" of kinship cast by genetic research create new imagined horizons? Bureaucrats and politicians imagine relatedness, too, defining what is the desired outcome, who are to be included and who will never be, thus influencing the way the state is performed and perceived as well. We invite colleagues who want to further explore imagination as a tool for understanding how kinship works and what it does, and by that attempt a fresh dialog with this ancestor in anthropology.

IUAES Commission