Panel no. 80 - Legacies of Suffering, Redemption and Future Oriented Faith Practices in the Global South


Title Dr First name Eriko Last name Aoki
Institution Ryukoku University City Hirakata Country JP


Title Dr First name Andrew Last name McWilliam
Institution name Western Sydney University City Sydney Country AU


Panel title

Legacies of Suffering, Redemption and Future Oriented Faith Practices in the Global South

Panel abstract

This panel explores expressions and redemptive understandings of suffering in the Christian world with a focus on the inventive variety of religions practices in the Global South (Jenkins 2002; Samin 2005; Noll 2009). Over the past century, the number of Christians in developing economies of Asia, Africa and South America (1.3 billion, 61% of estimated Christians) has far exceeded those the "Global North" North America, Europe and Australasia (860 million, 39%) (Pew Research Center 2011). This phenomenon is deeply entangled with colonial and post-colonial historical processes that continue to shape local religious sensibilities and faith practices. In addressing questions of suffering through the lens of Christianity, we wish to explore comparative examples of personal and community level experiences as well as discourses that inform religious and social understandings of suffering and well-being. Panel Convenors, Eriko Aoki and Andrew McWilliam have undertaken long-term research in eastern Indonesia and Timor-Leste where there are vibrant and diverse forms of contemporary Christianity often existing in plural association with ancestral religious practices. We invite prospective panel participants with expertise in comparative Christian contexts, to join us in discussions around legacies of suffering, redemption and future oriented faith practices in the Global South.

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