Panel no. 79 - Children’s Participation and Membership in Society: Rights, Entitlements and Duties


Title Mr First name Dwiti Vikramaditya Last name Chandragupta
Institution Kalinga Institute of Social Sciences City Bhubaneswar Country IN


Title Prof First name Christine Last name Finnan
Institution name University of Charleston City Charleston Country US


Panel title

Children’s Participation and Membership in Society: Rights, Entitlements and Duties

Panel abstract

Fuelled by the Child Rights Commissions and research into children as social actors there has been a surge in interest in children's participation at conferences, in research, organisations, councils, and the media over the past decade. Despite the popularity of children's participation in many arenas, most children do not "participate" and do not enjoy their civil rights. Children's participation often does not move beyond entry points of research, consultations and peer education. Child abuse, as a case in point, is defined as all forms of physical abuse, emotional ill treatment, sexual abuse and exploitation, neglect or negligent treatment, commercial or other exploitation of a child and includes any actions that results in actual or potential harm to a child. Child abuse may be a deliberate act or it may be failing in action to prevent harm. With changing times, its necessary to delve into this issue. Even in countries where there are opportunities for children to participate, children's participation is running into numerous obstacles, such as adult resistance and manipulation, and lack of truly democratic structures for children's involvement in decision-making. A broad agenda is needed that works towards fundamental structural changes in children's position in society and in their relations with adults. This is necessarily a long-term process that is not driven by short-term gains and one-off high-profile events. Scholars are invited to make presentation in the panel to address this issue.

IUAES Commission

IUAES Commission on Anthropology of Children, Youth and Childhood