Panel no. 78 - Discourse on Youth Cultures in the Digital Era


Title Prof First name Deepak Last name Behera
Institution Sambalpur University City Sambalpur Country IN


Title Prof First name Lucia Rabello Last name de Castro
Institution name Federal University of Rio de Janeiro City Rio de Janeiro Country BR


Panel title

Discourse on Youth Cultures in the Digital Era

Panel abstract

Space is pivotal to any discourse on youth culture. The pace of social change as a byproduct of accelerated technological development is to be captured to understand and find solutions of its pathologies. Recent work on youth has shifted its focus from "youth agencies" to "youth cultures" across space via social media. The new research recognizes the way that youth can maintain connections to multiple cultures and places concurrently in the globalized era. Developing countries have a demographic-dividend with major proportion of population being youths. This becomes crucial to economic and social outcomes. The use of cyber-space for activism/movements, drawing on digital communication technologies, is connecting people and ideas in new ways and forms. Understanding the way young people use these technologies, intersection between virtual and non-virtual space, and the role of this new type of space in the web of spaces within which young people are embedded represents one of the pressing questions for understanding contemporary youth. More number of studies are to be undertaken for understanding space of youth culture in the digital era. Anthropologists and other social scientists are invited to this panel to participate on a discourse on youth culture across space.

IUAES Commission

IUAES Commission on Anthropology of Children, Youth and Childhood