Panel no. 76 - Ecosystems in Anthropology and Sustainable Global Future


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Title Dr First name Simone Last name Vodret
Institution name International Centre for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology City Trieste Country IT


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Ecosystems in Anthropology and Sustainable Global Future

Panel abstract

Ecosystem is a community of living organisms and their physical environment functioning together in a defined space. Ecosystems range in size from global scale (e.g. forest ecosystem, desert ecosystem) to small scale ecosystems of an individual (e.g. human gut microbiota, microbial biofilms). Pollution and resource depletion as a result of human activities over the last few centuries are introducing a major disequilibrium in previously well-established structure. Although they are to some extent adaptive, on a global scale the vortex of population is a serious threat to the ecosystems that may ultimately lead to changes or complete collapse of the existing ecosystems. The strongest consequence of these events, from human point of view, will be decreased quality of life and increased worsening of health on the level of an individual. Apart from the global ecosystems, the microbial systems have the biggest impact on the individual and are ubiquitous. Microbial systems affect food growth (microbial biofilms, diseases) and our health (gut microbiota, skin microbiota) and are affected by environmental pollutants and antibiotic overuse. In today's changing world the importance of interplay between ecosystems, society and an individual is of ever-growing interest. This interdisciplinary panel aims to gather scientists from all scientific areas (both social and STEM fields) that are ready to discuss evidence based mechanisms sustaining the ecosystems, predict consequences of human actions based on the current knowledge, and propose solutions for the pending changes on the global, communal and individual level.

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