Panel no. 75 - Legacies and Next Generation Parenting


Title Dr First name Eva Anđela Last name Delale
Institution Institute for Anthropological Research City Zagreb Country HR


Title Dr First name Jelena Last name Seferović
Institution name Faculty of Arts, University of Ljubljana City Ljubljana Country SI


Panel title

Legacies and Next Generation Parenting

Panel abstract

What will the good parenting be in the future? What is a critical postmodernist position in view of parenting? Two basic aspects of parenting, parental practices and experience of parenthood have been explored worldwide for the last hundred years. In practice, within many societies and countries, there is, sometimes even growing disagreement about the roles of the parents and the state in the protection of the rights of the child. New spaces for constructing notions of children and childhoods, with an active and participatory view of the child opened more dynamic views of the role of parenting and more democratic tendencies in the adult-child relationship. What is the new understanding of parenting within those changes? What was and what we expect to be the experience of parenthood of parents with mental health problems in the future? What is quality of parenting after divorce? In which way are the gender roles connected to the parenthood? Coming of age suggests that we look at past and present experience of parenting in order to assess needs for future conceptualization of "the best possible parenting". Under conditions of dynamic change, what are the anchors of tradition and what role do we play to make parenting "the best possible"? We are looking for researches, case studies and all possible appropriate socially constructed discourses across disciplines for parenting.

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IUAES Commission on Medical Anthropology and Epidemiology