Panel no. 74 - Coming of Age on Bilingual Education in Liangshan and New Global Comparisons


Title Prof First name Ga Last name Wu
Institution YASS Yunnan Academy of Social Science Kunming Yunnan China City Yunnan Country CN


Title Dr First name Maria Last name Kaczmarek
Institution name Adam Mickiewicz University City Poznan Country PL


Panel title

Coming of Age on Bilingual Education in Liangshan and New Global Comparisons

Panel abstract

The panel will discuss about international and domestic documents related to bilingual education, and in particular a series of activities to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the State Council Plan for normalizing the Yi script. There is good news is that Honghe College will recruit the first batch of students majoring in Yi studies in 2020, which will help ensure the enrollment of postgraduate students and doctoral students majoring in science or liberal arts. The situation in science is not as good as that in liberal arts. According to the relevant documents and laws of the Ministry of Education, especially the Department of Education of Sichuan Province, ever since 2020, in examinations for the type-one model students in Yi minority region, all the examination paper of science mathematics has been written in the Yi characters, without any explanation in Chinese. To enrich discussion part, we invite the latest reserch findings published by the world’s leading scholars on the bilingual education in science for indigenous peoples and minorities (USA, Canada, UK, Australia, New Zealand).

IUAES Commission