Panel no. 72 - Legacies and the Future of Kinesiology


Title First name Adrian Last name Kozonić
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Title Dr First name Branislav Last name Antala
Institution name Comenius University in Bratislava, Slovakia City Bratislava Country SK


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Legacies and the Future of Kinesiology

Panel abstract

Kinesiology emerged from its preventative medicine and education roots to establish itself as a recognized field of inquiry with numerous sub-disciplines. For kinesiology to really make a difference requires a radical departure from traditional practice. History is full with examples of how difficult it is to predict what will make a difference in the future. Nonetheless, it is important because new ideas will not grow if we focus only on what is deemed relevant at the moment, or on what is known at the present. This panel will highlight some of the important implications that some future trends could have for kinesiology. For example, simple genetic tests are already being used to identify if someone is naturally orientated towards power sports or endurance events, and will soon be used to individualize training. Also, over the last few decades, many kinesiological domains, like physical education, sport, physical recreation and kinesitherapy have gone through intensive development and many changes. This panel will present an argument for more basic and applied research and argue that kinesiology itself is the wave of the future.

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