Panel no. 70 - Artivism for Urban Change


Title Prof First name Clara Last name Sarmento
Institution ISCAP-P.PORTO City S. Mamede Infesta Country PT


Title Prof First name Monika Last name Salzbrunn
Institution name University of Lausanne City Lausanne Country CH


Panel title

Artivism for Urban Change

Panel abstract

In different parts of the world, art is used as a powerful tool to claim for better living conditions in middle range and metropolitan cities. The narratives of urban art display valuable information on the citizen’s socio-spatial practices, perceptions and concerns. The panel focuses on new forms of empowerment and modes of community-building which unite different generations. It focuses on the role of the arts in these processes of change. How do people use performances, parades, mural art, music, dance, bodily practices and graphic art (comics, cartoons, etc.) to express their imaginations for the future but also their anxieties of natural, social, political, economic, infrastructural and other disaster? And how do their common political actions create hope and (practical) solutions for a better future which starts today? How is the digital and the public space linked in artistic actions? The panel wishes to interact with artists, authorities and communities alike, in order to reflect under a critical standpoint on the experience of the urban territory they inhabit/manage, tackling the effects of urban commodification and gentrification. In middle range and metropolitan cities, art is a main factor of socio-economic empowerment, decentralization and development, provided it does not become another factor of social segregation, as responses to changing urban identities must be democratic and inclusive. Inspired by the ERC-funded project ARTIVISM: Art and Activism. Creativity and Performance as Subversive Forms of Political Expression in Super-Diverse Cities, the panel invites original contributions from all parts of the world.

IUAES Commission

IUAES Commission on Urban Anthropology and IUAES Commission on Music, Sound and Bodily Performance Practices