Panel no. 64 - Sensory Environmental Relationships - Between Memories of the Past and Imaginings of the Future


Title Dr First name Blaz Last name Bajic
Institution University of Eastern Finland City Joensuu Country FI


Title Ms First name Ana Last name Svetel
Institution name Facutly of Arts, University of Ljubljana City Ljubljana Country SI


Panel title

Sensory Environmental Relationships - Between Memories of the Past and Imaginings of the Future

Panel abstract

Recently, cultural anthropology, and humanities and social sciences generally, witnessed a proliferation of "ethnography on foot" (Ingold and Lee Vergunst 2008) which was often employed in the context of emerging sensory studies (Howes 2003; Pink 2009). Much of this research was done in urban environments and with a special emphasis on past and present sensory experiences (Bajič and Abram 2019). Less attention, however, was devoted to rural and natural environments, other types of mobility, and the ways in which sensory environmental relationships are entangled in people's imaginings of the future. Nevertheless, these critical terms - pertaining to temporalities, spatialities and mobilities - cannot be properly understood if taken in isolation from each other and from the particular socio-cultural contexts of their employment. This panel invites papers addressing the question of how do embodied and emplaced practices of sensing and moving in and through diverse environments inform the processes of remembering the past, experiencing the present and imagining the future. How do people moving along their everyday and exceptional routes, leisure- and work-related, alone and in company of others negotiate diverse discourses? What kinds of framings encourage, and how, people to reflect, recognize, reconsider, and reevaluate their individual and collective pasts, presents, and futures? What kinds of action, if any, are provoked by specific sensory encounters and relationships with the environment? This panel welcomes ethnographic studies of sensing and mobilities in diverse environments and socio-cultural contexts, as well as theoretical considerations of sensory environmental relationships' "touch" of pasts, presents and futures-

IUAES Commission