Panel no. 56 - Mobilities and Materialities: Body, Infrastructure, and Environment


Title Mr First name Fukachi Last name Furukawa
Institution National Museum of Ethnology City Osaka Country JP


Title Dr First name Aya Last name Udagawa
Institution name Tel Aviv University City Tel Aviv Country IL


Panel title

Mobilities and Materialities: Body, Infrastructure, and Environment

Panel abstract

The aim of this panel is to explore the material aspects associated with spatial mobility, especially focusing on the relationship between the body, infrastructure, and the environment. Globalization makes lives increasingly more fluid. Some people move around the world for tourism or business, whereas others are forced to move as migrant workers or refugees. At the same time, the development of new transport technologies has been changing the "traditional" ways of movement, such as nomadism or pilgrimage. The importance of studying mobilities has been pointed out many times in the humanities and social sciences. However, in the previous studies regarding urban transportation in Western societies, the material aspects of the processes of human movements are not fully scrutinized. In this panel, presenters will illustrate the ways of moving under various purposes, areas and environmental conditions, and pursue the following questions: how individual bodies move with (or without) the vehicles; what kind of physical structures make it possible to move; and how people interact with the environment on the move. This panel welcomes papers engaging with the above topics and issues, especially the studies that actually follow the moving people. Furthermore we aim to discuss what may change and what may not change in this globalized age and future, from people's moving point of view.

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