Panel no. 50 - Invasiveness: Knowledges, Constructions and Representations of Invasive Species


Title Dr First name Rui M. Last name
Institution CAPP/ ISCSP- University of Lisbon City Lisbon Country PT


Title Dr First name Rajindra K. Last name Puri
Institution name Centre for Biocultural Diversity, University of Kent City Canterbury Country GB


Panel title

Invasiveness: Knowledges, Constructions and Representations of Invasive Species

Panel abstract

Invasive and alien species (IAS) are recognized as one the main causes of biodiversity change and loss today, as well as a threat to livelihoods and food security of biodiversity dependent societies around the world. In this context of global biodiversity change and other environmental crises: how is anthropology, intellectually and practically, dealing with biological invasions? Departing from the concept of invasiveness and the dichotomy of local versus non-local, this panel seeks contributions about invasive species and how they are changing, shaping or transforming perceptions, identities, landscapes, histories and ecologies, thus creating new knowledge, new narratives and new practices. How might invasive species be entangled with the economy, health and traditional ecological knowledge? How does anthropology stand before this next-generation challenge? How can a better surveillance and monitoring system be designed that includes people's observations and responses to invasive species? What are the strategies used by different actors to manage and control the invasion? Contributions could be empirical, methodological and/or theoretical, from different latitudes and temporal timeframes, but must explore the dynamics posed by biological invasions. The purpose of this panel is to debate new approaches and share finished, current or ongoing projects through an optic focused on the invasive species.

IUAES Commission