Panel no. 48 - "Twice-Migrants" in the Context of Nationality, Nationalism and Nationhood


Title Dr First name Bobby Last name Luthra Sinha
Institution Centre for Asian, African and Latin American Studies, (CAALAS), Institute of Social Sciences City Delhi Country IN


Title Prof First name Anand Last name Singh
Institution name University of KwaZulu Natal City Durban Country ZA


Panel title

"Twice-Migrants" in the Context of Nationality, Nationalism and Nationhood

Panel abstract

Nationalities, nationalism and nationhood demonstrate a fluidity that are often a reflection of the situations in terms of political and economic realities. These three are dynamic concepts regarding twice-migrants that are constantly re-examined, adapted, reassessed and re-negotiated in accordance with prevailing conditions. Such a diversity of migrants adds to the complexity of issues that perennially (re)negotiates identities and a sense of belonging in terms of nationalities, nationalism and "nationhood". Specific political, semantic and geographic perspectives seek to understand these "twice migrants" who moved to/from/within Asia, Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean towards newer destinations. Dispersed individuals and groups undergo a complex socio-political terrain owing to the diversity of their roots, routes and reasons for moving from one into the other context of migration. In the process, these itinerant actors of varying descents claim and (re)negotiate multiple origins and complex identities and build a migration centric socio-political evolution around the world. These processes beg insights into at least some of the several important questions: Under what circumstances did members of the Diaspora populations migrate/scatter from their earlier adopted homelands? What identity issues do they face in their newer destinations? Which mechanisms have come in place to help them to integrate to the main stream society? What implications does this, "twice migration" hold for the identities that they carry with them? What issues arise in their newly adopted countries between opposing factions from the same provenance, country or regions?

IUAES Commission

IUAES Commission on Migration