Panel no. 41 - Technology: Teaching and Learning Anthropology Around the World


Title Dr First name Mary Last name Hallin
Institution University of Nebraska at Omaha City LINCOLN Country US


Title Ms First name Emma Last name Ford
Institution name Royal Anthropological Institute City London Country GB


Panel title

Technology: Teaching and Learning Anthropology Around the World

Panel abstract

Advances in technology have enabled new ways to teach and learn anthropology across the globe. This panel will explore the use of online resources in the teaching and learning of anthropology internationally and global knowledge exchange. These resources include online databases, e-libraries, e-books, audiovisual material (creating and consuming it), social media, online courses, podcasts, websites, video calls or video conferencing. Papers will address questions of access and barriers to resources and research for teachers and learners, both in and outside universities, around the world. Questions that need to be answered include: What technology solutions are needed to make teachers and life-long learners of anthropology aware of the possibilities for accessing online resources and how can we support teachers and learners in accessing the information they need?; What role can technology play in raising the public awareness of anthropology?; How can technology support the teaching and learning of anthropology for people with disabilities?; How can we facilitate global knowledge exchange and connect learners with other learners and teachers with other teachers?; How can we adapt resources developed in one country to local contexts in another? The links between language, technology and education lead us to ask: What written and spoken styles are used to present anthropology to different audiences?; In which languages are resources available and what does this mean for access? By bringing together global examples, we will explore the past, present and future possibilities of technology for learners and teachers to engage with anthropology.

IUAES Commission

IUAES Commission on Documentation and IUAES Commission on Anthropology and Education