Panel no. 37 - New Research on Bioarchaeology of Prehistoric Populations


Title Dr First name Ivor Last name Jankovic
Institution Institute for Anthropological Research City Zagreb Country HR


Title Dr First name Tamas Last name Hajdu
Institution name Eotvos Lorand University City Budapest Country HU


Panel title

New Research on Bioarchaeology of Prehistoric Populations

Panel abstract

Human skeletal materials from archaeological settings offer a plethora of data on many aspects of human life and death in the past. Various types of analyses provide information on biological (both phenotipic and genomic) properties, as well as behaviour, health, and other insights into past populations. Recent developments and technical advances (e.g. in the fields of palaeogenomics, stable isotope analysis, geometric morphometrics and so on) are a valuable addition to the methods of so-called traditional bioarchaeology, resulting with new insights into various aspects of the past. The proposed panel will focus on new research on bioarchaeology of prehistoric populations resulting from various scientific fields and methods.

IUAES Commission