Panel no. 35 - Time, (Im)Mobility and Vulnerability


Title Dr First name Flavia Last name Cangia
Institution University of Fribourg NCCR LIVES City Fribourg Country CH


Title Prof First name Brigitte Last name Suter
Institution name Malmö University City Malmö Country SE


Panel title

Time, (Im)Mobility and Vulnerability

Panel abstract

Mobility is deeply linked to the way we live time, construct our life trajectories, revisit our past, and imagine the future. Our experience of time can have an impact on the way we make sense of ourselves as (im)mobile people, how we practice movement and engage with others in mobility. At the same time, mobility is defined by social, material and physical circumstances that make movement (im)possible, and that can put the individual in a vulnerable position, where the resources for, and capacity and potential to, move come to be missing. How do the experience and practice of time (e.g., time-pass and wait, transitions and ruptures in the life-course, ageing, imagination of future, memory) intertwine with those social, (im)material and physical vulnerabilities both hindering and resulting from mobility? We invite presentations that focus on different (im)mobilities (including, but not limited to, tourism, migration, refugee migration and asylum-seeking, international education, practices of cycling and other transport, settlement in migration). They should explore the interplay between time, (im)mobility and vulnerability, in particular how the experience and practice of time affect or are affected by a person’s (in)capacity and potentiality to move, with regard to (but not limited to) the following issues: Meanings and practices of “integration” in migration; Inter-ethnic relations, boundary processes, practices and meanings of cosmopolitanism; Gender and family relations; The precarization of work, unemployment and the digital economy; Inequalities linked to health and livelihood.

IUAES Commission