Panel no. 33 - Imagining Europe - Fantasies Around Migration to Europe


Title Dr First name Sophia Last name Thubauville
Institution Frobenius Institute for research in cultural anthropology City Frankfurt am Main Country DE


Title Prof First name Kristín Last name Loftsdóttir
Institution name University of Iceland City Reykjavík Country IS


Panel title

Imagining Europe - Fantasies Around Migration to Europe

Panel abstract

Over the last decade, migration to Europe has become the focus of heated debate. The image of massive migration of citizens from the Global South looking for asylum and a better life in Europe has become a common place in media. This was accompanied by an increase in right-wing preferences of European populations and a support of European countries to minimize not only the reasons for outmigration in the origin countries, but also the fact that European geopolitics has historically played a role in this phenomenon. But Europe has not only been a destination for asylum seekers and economic migrants from the Global South in the last decade. The story of migration in relation to Europe has been much longer and complex and is a part of the histories of the European states themselves. The panel wants to deal with questions regarding which fantasies and imaginations of Europe are entangled in migration. What imaginations have inspired migration to and from Europe, as well as mobilized debates on migration? What futures are seen at stake and for whom? For example, we invite papers on the following topics: - Europe after decolonization; - Migration from Europe to the Global South; - Migration of economic migrants, asylum seekers and refugees; - Migration of highly skilled workers and academics; - Discourses of Europe and Europe's past as they relate to migration; - Imaginations of the future in relation to migration.

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