Panel no. 30 - Generational Affects: Anthropological Ways Toward Re-Enchanting Disenchantment


Title Dr First name Lisa Last name Richaud
Institution Université Libre de Bruxelles City Bruxelles Country BE


Title Mr First name Adam Last name Kingsmith
Institution name York University & Ryerson University City Toronto Country CA


Panel title

Generational Affects: Anthropological Ways Toward Re-Enchanting Disenchantment

Panel abstract

From President Macron's recent public address blaming the French for being "too negative" to state-led promotion of positive psychology in post-socialist China, governmentality seems increasingly veered toward saving present and future populations from "negativity". But what are the operations of the "negative" that make it so central to state and market concerns? Put differently, what can negative affects do, in an age of ecological anxiety, economic insecurity, migrant melancholy, suburban despair, technological FOMO, outrage against state brutality, depression, grief, fear, boredom, loneliness? Rather than dismiss these pervasive feelings, this panel focuses in on affective modes of being that context-specific emotional regimes condemn as unproductive or threatening to social order. Following the ongoing "affective turn" in the humanities and social sciences, it invites ethnographic case studies to investigate how dysphoria operates, in order to better understand the imaginaries and sociality that shape and are being shaped by future generations. To these ends, we welcome papers exploring: - Negative affects as diagnostic tools for understanding social conditions and practices - Irruptions against explicit definitional acts or staged atmospheres that manage or promote certain affects and dismiss or condemn others - Physical and discursive spaces, events - ranging from the most obviously traumatic to the most mundane - and other insecurities through which affects materialize - Politicized and structured feelings,‚Äč emotions in the public sphere and power structures; feminist, queer, intersectional feelings; emotional labour, affective activism.

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