Panel no. 29 - Making Change: Social Making and the Material Imaginaries of Everyday Activism


Title Prof First name Fiona Last name Hackney
Institution Manchester Metropolitan University City Manchester Country GB


Title Ms First name Jana Last name Milovanović
Institution name Terra Vera City Kostanjevica na Krki Country SI


Panel title

Making Change: Social Making and the Material Imaginaries of Everyday Activism

Panel abstract

The current situation of worldwide instability combined with political popularism and climate emergency results in a state of unprecedented worldwide risk. At the same time, this offers opportunities as new imaginative spaces open-up in a lived response to crisis. Faced with such global challenges we are forced to rethink our relationship with the world: the way we live, our needs, desires, values, aspirations and priorities, and the "arts", broadly understood, play an important part in this. Thinking around "cosmopolitan localism", moreover, helps us understand the global as a series of networked interconnected locals in the form of small, everyday life solutions that people can understand and control. This panel explores examples of what we term "social making": community arts, collaborative crafting, social architecture and design, for instance, and how they function as a mode of embedded, everyday activism to re-imagine the world from the ground up and bring about change. This might include, but is not limited to, explorations of community arts' agencies, the added value of design networks, the benefits and challenges of hyper localism, how caring for things helps us care for each other, the health and well-being benefits of creative making processes, upcycling and repurposing clothing, neo-artisanal producers and the potential for more democratic circuits of community-based production and consumption, localised "ecologies of making" and regeneration. As such, the panel focuses on the agencies, knowledges and capacities of ordinary people as they reimagine processes of living as embodied activism by forging interactions between people, places and things.

IUAES Commission