Panel no. 22 - Legacies of Forced Migrations: The Politics of Exclusions and Inclusions


Title Prof First name Heather Last name OLeary
Institution University of South Florida City Tampa Country US


Title Dr First name Subhadra Last name Channa
Institution name Delhi University City Delhi Country IN


Panel title

Legacies of Forced Migrations: The Politics of Exclusions and Inclusions

Panel abstract

Anthropology has always grappled with the dynamic implications of how cultures are challenged, reinforced, and renegotiated in the face of migration. At present, millions of people across the globe are on the move, many forced to travel to unwelcoming destinations through hazardous terrains and life-threatening circumstances. Migrants perish and survive - many living and dying with echoes of their migrant status. As anthropologists, we question the dynamic shifts of people, and also the social movements around the politics of forced migration. Public discourse around migrations is burgeoning and with it is challenging the face of global power structures. The inextricable link between exclusivist and extractivist politics works at both ends and during migration, discounting the value and rights of people, cultures, resources and regions, leading to generations of marginalization, exploitation, violence and desperate attempts at escape. The politics of exclusion and inclusion works at both ends: to expel people from their roots, to create unsustainable environmental conditions that trigger such expulsions, to create situations of conflict and scarcity that have disproportionate effects of certain sections of populations - and on the other end - to exclude and marginalize displaced peoples' integration, inclusion, and acceptance. Ideological and even academic discourses are directed to obfuscate and mystify, create myths and blatant clouds of untruth, to deny and defy the real conditions of anthropogenic destruction of the habitat, of perpetrated violence and pogroms of elimination. This panel invites ethnographic research and theoretical interventions around the concepts of exclusion and inclusion and the historical lineages from which they derive.

IUAES Commission

IUAES Commission on Anthropology and the Environment and IUAES Commission on Marginalization and Global Apartheid