Panel no. 11 - Responding Extractivist Reforms - Global Contexts and Local Insights on Neoliberal Extractive Policies


Title Ms First name Svenja Last name Schöneich
Institution University of Hamburg City Hamburg Country DE


Title Dr First name Victoria Last name Chenaut
Institution name CIESAS Golfo City Xalapa Country MX


Panel title

Responding Extractivist Reforms - Global Contexts and Local Insights on Neoliberal Extractive Policies

Panel abstract

In this panel we invite contributions on cases where national neoliberal reform policies and their local impacts have provoked responses among the affected people in the respective areas. Neoliberal policies, featuring the increase in investment in the exploitation of natural resources and their export on the international market have gained momentum in recent decades. This tendency towards extractivism as a development model is based on the appropriation and commodification of nature and the transformation of certain aspects of living environment into resources. Thus, locally such policies induce changes in natural resources governance, territories and land use, as well as human rights. This holds true for several different types of resources, which can be extracted such as raw materials (hydrocarbons, mining, monocultures, precious woods, etc.), but also the implementation of tourism development policies, the construction of hydroelectric dams or the expansion of large-scale infrastructure projects. In the meanwhile, constitutional and legal reforms, which allow the implementation of this development model, often contradict international agreements and treaties that the respective countries signed for the protection of human rights and the environment. In this context, we invite papers based on original research that highlight the social, territorial and identity reconfigurations that occur in the regions where extractive policies are carried out in the light of a neoliberal agenda. In particular, we are interested in presentations highlighting effects of such policies on the environment, individual and collective rights of the respective inhabitants and the different ways in which they are responded to.

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