Panel no. 108 - Refuge, Refugees and Forced Migration


Title Prof First name Mónica Last name IBANEZ-ANGULO
Institution University of Burgos City Burgos Country ES


Title Prof First name Martha Judith Last name Sanchez
Institution name Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México City México Country MX


Panel title

Refuge, Refugees and Forced Migration

Panel abstract

The number of refugees has increased noticeably during the last decade, especially in relationship to armed conflicts (e.g. Syria, Yemen) and other social and political struggles (e.g. Venezuela). Moreover, data suggests that in the following decades the number of climate refugees and environmental migrants will increase significantly due to climate change. The management of this special type of migratory flow has posed a challenge for national and local governments given the diversity of the socio-demographic profiles. In this panel, we would like to address different issues: - The relevance of the 1951 Refugee Convention in relationship with the regulations imposed by national and supranational political bodies; - Challenges to refugee's social integration; - Effects of migration policies (e.g. Schengen visa system) on refugee's applications and resolution; - Gender dimension; - Protection mechanisms; - Civil society mobilizations and solidarity; - Rethinking the categories of refugees and forced migration; - Methodological considerations in refugee's research; - Refugees' trajectories; - Economic impact of refugees on host economies.

IUAES Commission

IUAES Commission on Migration