Panel no. 107 - Preserving and Sharing Indigenous Knowledge


Title First name Adrian Last name Kozonić
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Title Mr First name Jackylin Last name Lacey
Institution name Museum of Natural History City New York Country US


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Preserving and Sharing Indigenous Knowledge

Panel abstract

The IUAES Commission on Documentation seeks to provide access by scholars worldwide to all forms of scholarly materials - books, articles, web sites, archives of qualitative and quantitative data. Recently, the Commission has been working on the preservation and archiving of indigenous knowledge and indigenous technologies. This panel explores the pros and cons of the various ways of preserving and sharing indigenous knowledge, including digitization, holograms, written documents, and images (including photos and film). The fire that destroyed the National Museum in Brazil has made clear the importance of digitizing/archiving data/documents quickly in order to preserve indigenous knowledge and technology for the future.

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IUAES Commission on Documentation