Panel no. 106 - What Is Area and Its Studies? A Challenge of Osaka University Field Study Programs


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What Is Area and Its Studies? A Challenge of Osaka University Field Study Programs

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In this panel, we will consider practical method to take advantage of anthropological perspective or ethnographical insight for field study education thorough case study from Osaka University field study programs. Osaka University has provided overseas field study programs around the world since 2010. Almost more than 200 students from various departments and majors engaged with actual environmental problems through these programs, such as water or soil pollution, loss of biodiversity and degradation of relationship between local community and surrounding nature. Especially in Mongolia and Yunnan province in China, participants tried not only to learn about these problems, but also to observe, analyze, improve and solve specific problems through interdisciplinary approach. Since its long-term struggle, experiences and connections with local people have been handed down through generations, their programs became to be involved in various local challenging activities, such as building new brand of agricultural products, establishing environmental research institute, launching environmental education program for children and so on. Thorough all projects, making good use of anthropological idea or thinking, they connect multiple knowledge or perspectives gained from different areas to deal with practical tasks. We aim to share how anthropological insight played an important role in their experience-based study program.

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