Panel no. 105 - Anthropology of Survival: Transformation and Regeneration of Life in Damaged Territories


Title Dr First name Francisco Last name Araos
Institution Universidad de Los Lagos City Osorno Country CL


Title Prof First name Ana Last name Vianna Mendes
Institution name Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais City Belo Horizonte Country BR


Panel title

Anthropology of Survival: Transformation and Regeneration of Life in Damaged Territories

Panel abstract

One of the main interests of anthropological knowledge since its beginning as a modern science is the concern about sociocultural strategies and everyday practices that inform human actions and thoughts through/beyond/with the environment. Based on the current debates about the multiple ways of living on damaged worlds (Tsing et al. 2017), this panel aims to discuss human survival as an exercise of transformation and restoration of life in devastated territories. The panel aims to bring together researches that address, analytically and ethnographically, the multiple ways of living in/with/beyond environmental devastation, both in the context of extreme events - such as fires, volcanic eruptions, storms, floods - as well as in slow-onset environmental crises - sea rise level, soil and water pollution, land changes, alien species impacts. The main questions that inspire the panel are: How people survive environmental damage?; Which are the human and non-human arrangements that emerge from devastated territories?; How life maintains its vitality?; Which are those lives lived in damaged territories?; How people engage on those contexts? The panel continues a collaborative work, began at the 18th IUAES World Congress (Florianópolis, Brazil, 2018), of Latin-American anthropologists of Chile and Brazil interested in the socioenvironmental impacts of extractive industries (mining, aquaculture, forestry, fisheries, livestock).

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