Panel no. 104 - Performing Substances, Transmitting Legacies


Title Dr First name Federica Last name Toldo
Institution LESC (Paris Nanterre) City Paris Country FR


Title Dr First name Juliana Last name P. Lima Caruso
Institution name LAPOD / Hybris, University of São Paulo City São Paulo Country BR


Panel title

Performing Substances, Transmitting Legacies

Panel abstract

The aim of this panel is to collect ethnographic based contributions on practices whose main characteristic is to make substances visible. We encourage to think substances through the prism of practices and, vice-versa, to think practices through the prism of substances. As emblematic of sharing, transmission, relation making (between humans, non-humans, etc.), substances are a key topic of anthropology. At the intersection of relatedness and ritual studies, this panel calls for examples from different contexts whose common point is to make substances socially visible in which relations are conceived, symbolically and pragmatically, through substances (fluids, food, and others material dimensions of nature and bodies). This focus on shared, transmitted, inherited substances and their performance takes an important place in the renewal of some classic domains of anthropology, notably kinship and ritual studies. Shared, transmitted and inherited substances are a fundamental issue of societies and, for this reason, a challenge for anthropology. By this way, substances are chosen in this panel as an emblematic theorist legacy for contemporary anthropology and its epistemological renewal.

IUAES Commission