Panel no. 102 - Alternative Economies for the Future - Social and Solidarity Economy


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Alternative Economies for the Future - Social and Solidarity Economy

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The very concept of the solidarity economy was first used to advocate for solidary relations in workers' cooperatives in urban and rural regions during the Spanish Civil War (Alaiz 1937 according to Kawano et al. 2009: 26), while it began to be used in its contemporary form during the 1980s, in France and across Latin America. The term social economy (économie sociale) was coined by Charles Dunoyer in 1830. and it gained new power at the end of the 1980s/1990s. (Šimleša et al. 2015:16). Precisely because of its sheer numbers and the diversity of the forms in which both economies appear, they have different names in different parts of the world e.g. the good, alternative, green or human economy (Puđak et al. 2015), or simply other (esp. otra) economy (Cattani et al. 2009). The solidarity economy initiatives often encompass the somewhat wider concept of the social and solidarity economy (SSE) (Laville 2010, Dash 2014, Šimleša et al. 2016). This is often perceived as a kind of "third sector" in the economy, directed towards sustainable development in general, and correcting negative capitalist practices (Evers and Laville 2004, Laville 2010, Fonteneau et al., 2011). Regardless of the naming, interest in the "transnational academic-cum-activist discourse about alternative economies" (Nelms 2015:110) is growing, particularly after the 2008 crisis. This panel invites papers that will scrutinize various types of alternative economies, particularly having in mind historical context and potential transformative power they have today for both individuals and broader community.

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