Guidelines for panel convenors

Guidelines for panel convenors


General information

All conveners are asked to register and pay registration fee (including membership) to ensure their participation in the scientific program of the Congress (final program and book of abstracts). Please consult the registration form for deadlines.


Information about abstract submission

Organizing committee encourages panel convenors to advertise their panel among their students, colleagues and associates.

If convenors wish to have a presentation in their own panel, they must submit an abstract via abstract submission system and accept it during evaluation. Organizers do not book a time slot for convenors’ introductory presentations by default. 


Evaluation of submitted abstracts to your panel

Convenors are responsible for the selection of the most appropriate papers for their panel. Evaluation should be based on compliance with the topic of the panel and quality of the proposal.

Only convenors (not co-convenors) can login and evaluate abstracts. When an abstract is submitted to your panel, you will receive a notification via email. First, login to the Congress website using the same credentials you used to submit your panel proposal, then click on the links you received in an email notification or simply go to

Evaluation options:

  • Accept – the paper should be accepted.
  • Reject – the paper should be rejected. Please explain your decision briefly in a comment box (e. g. paper does not meet formal requirments / paper does not fit the panel thematically / the number of papers in the panel reached the limit).  

Paper abstracts submitted to a panel can be oral presentations or posters. Convenors should evaluate both forms of presentations, even though poster session will be organized separately as a general poster session.


Number of presentations

Panels will be organized in a maximum of three sessions and one panel session can accommodate 5 presentations. That means that convenors can choose up to 15 oral presentations for their panel, but there is no limit for poster presentations.

Decision on paper abstract evaluation will be sent to paper abstract proposer by Organizing Committee, after the evaluation.



Even though the official language of the Congress is English, panel convenors can accept presentations in a different language. In such case, panel convenors should contact the presenters of such presentations to make sure that presentations will be accompanied by extended slide presentation (such as PowerPoint) in English, and inform them that the discussion will be held in English. It is recommended that convenors make sure that someone in the room can act as an interpreter. Organizers cannot provide simultaneous or consecutive translators.


Cancelling or merging panels

If there are no submitted abstracts to a panel, or convenors decide to reject all abstracts in their panel, these panels will be cancelled.

In case of small number of presentation in the panel (up to three), convenors will receive a suggestion for merging with another panel. Two similar panels with small number of presentations will be merged into, only if all four convenors agree.


Communication with panelists

Once the evaluation of abstracts is finished, panel convenors can communicate with presenters in their panel on any issue via email. Panel convenors should keep the participants of their panel informed of:

  • date and time of their presentations;
  • order of presentations in the panel;
  • the obligation to register;
  • any late changes and any other information related to the panel.


Moderating a panel

Each presenter will have a maximum of 15 minutes for presentation. Panel convenors should stick to the program and timing. It is important to respect the presenter and the time needed to clearly set out their argument. Also, because of many parallel sessions, sticking to the schedule is important because of the audience that might be interested to listen to particular presentation in the panel.


Information about IUAES Scientific Commissions

IUAES encourages you to reach out to one or more IUAES Scientific Commissions to invite them to consider your panel as an official selection (sponsorship). This is an honorary distinction that often increases the profile of and attendance to your panel. If accepted by the Commission, a panel will have a note in the program that it is sponsored by a Commission. Other than the program note, there are no new changes or obligations – convenors retain full intellectual authority and autonomy. To be considered as a Commission Official Selection, convenors should contact the Commission chairs. 


Technical info and assistance

Panel convenors should immediately inform the Organizing Committee about any withdrawal of panelists.

If there is a need for assistance with logging in, please contact

If you need an official panel acceptance letter, please send an email to and you will receive one shortly.

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