Guidelines for online participation

All conveners and presenters are asked to register and pay registration fee (including membership) to ensure their participation in the scientific program of the Congress (final program and book of abstracts). Please consult the registration form for deadlines.

Only registered participants will receive access to Congress.



Online participation model

We kindly ask all panel convenors to contact presenters in their panels and decide whether they want their panels to be a series of pre-recorded presentations + live discussion, or entirely live sessions (we will be using the ZOOM platform). The deadline for sending pre-recorded presentation is 12 February 2021.

Duration of sessions and presentations

One session has a duration of 1 hour and 45 minutes. The maximum number of presentations in a session is 5. One presentation cannot exceed 15 minutes. After all presentations in a session, there will be a discussion (for example, after 5 presentations, there is 30 minutes left for discussion).

Communication with panelists

Once the evaluation of abstracts is finished, panel convenors can communicate with presenters in their panel on any issue via email. Panel convenors should keep the participants of their panel informed of:

  • date and time of their presentations;
  • order of presentations in the panel;
  • the obligation to register;
  • any late changes and any other information related to the panel.


Even though the official language of the Congress is English, panel convenors can accept presentations in a different language. In such case, panel convenors should contact the presenters of such presentations to make sure that presentations will be accompanied by extended slide presentation (such as PowerPoint) in English, and inform them that the discussion will be held in English. It is recommended that convenors make sure that someone in the room can act as an interpreter. Organizers cannot provide simultaneous or consecutive translators.

Moderating a panel

Panel convenors should immediately inform the Organizing Committee about any withdrawal of panelists.

Panel convenors is responsible for sticking to the program and timing. Because of many parallel sessions, sticking to the schedule is important because of the audience that might be interested to listen to particular presentation in the panel. 

If you have a presentation in the program, please read the following guidelines (GUIDELINES FOR ONLINE PRESENTERS)



Oral presentations

If you are having a pre-recorded presentation, please send it to Adrian ( by 12 February 2021. Your presentation should be in .avi or .mp4 format. If you are planning to have a Power point presentation, the easiest way is to record your presentation using the built-in recording feature in Power Point with the sound of you presenting. Then simply save it as VIDEO and send it to us (or link where it can be downloaded). This is only our recommendation and you can, of course, use other ways to record your presentation.

The duration of your pre-recorded or live presentation must not exceed 15 minutes. After all presentations in a session, there wil be plenty of time for discussion.


Poster presentations

If you are having a poster presentation, please send one page of your poster presentation in .pdf format. Please make sure that the font size is minimally 12. In addition to your .pdf poster, optionally, you can also send us a short presentation (see above), but its duration must not exceed 5 minutes.


Film presentations

If you are having a film in the Congress, please post it in on YouTube and send us the link. Ethnographic films will be available for viewing during the entire Congress. There will be organized a separate session for Q&As for the authors of the films.



During registration on the Congress website, non-presenting online participant can choose one or more plenary session / panel to view.
This option does not include the possibility to present at the Conference. All presenters need to pay full, either online or onsite registration fee.
However, this option offers a possibility to participate in discussion.

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