Accepted Abstracts

and the Political Economy of Debtor-Creditor Relations

Ethnographic film session


Panel no. 01 – Miscellaneous

Panel no. 02 – Miscellaneous

Panel no. 03 – Miscellaneous

Panel no. 04 – Miscellaneous

Panel no. 05 – Miscellaneous

Panel no. 06 - Feminist-inspired Activist Imaginaries for Making Change: Social Making Legacies and Methodological Framings

Panel no. 08 - Middle Eastern Encounters

Panel no. 09 - Youth, Crime and Marginality in Europe and Beyond

Panel no. 10 - Lost in Representation: Changes and Paradoxes in the Nomads' Life

Panel no. 100 - Exploring the Gap Between Knowledge, Policy and Practice. Contributions to Anthropology of Disaster & Climate Change Worldwide with Special Stress on the Global South  

Panel no. 101 - Progressive/Regressive Visions of the Future? Towards a Dialectical "Next Generation Anthropology" of Social Movements

Panel no. 103 - Collaborative Actions and Ethnographic Museums

Panel no. 104 - Performing Substances, Transmitting Legacies

Panel no. 108 - Refuge Refugees and Forced Migration

Panel no. 11 - Responding Extractivist Reforms - Global Contexts and Local Insights on Neoliberal Extractive Policies

Panel no. 110 - Next Generation Anthropology: Cosmopolitanian Anthropology, World Anthropology, World Anthropologies, Trans-national Anthropology, or Something Else?

Panel no. 12 - Anthropology of Sports in its Coming of Age

Panel no. 14 - Environmental Stress Impact on Human Biology, Health Status and Demography

Panel no. 15 - Coming of Age as Entrepreneurs: Biopolitics and Ethics of Youth in Modern-Day Economies

Panel no. 17 - Nomadic Landscapes in Waiting: Exploring Forms of Engagement with a Changing Earth

Panel no. 20 - Contesting Household Debt: Politics

Panel no. 20 - Contesting Household Debt: Politics, Infrapolitics, and the Political Economy of Debtor-Creditor Relations

Panel no. 21 - An Anthropology of Policy: Legacies and Future Challenges

Panel no. 22 - Legacies of Forced Migrations: The Politics of Exclusions and Inclusions

Panel no. 23 - Mediterranean Foodscapes: (New) Models of Sociability and Sustainability

Panel no. 25 - Looking for New Analytical Frameworks in the Study of Cultural Heritage and Modernization

Panel no. 26 - Enterprise Anthropology: Recent Developments and Future Perspectives

Panel no. 27 - The Future of Indigenous Knowledge in Anthropology

Panel no. 30 - Generational Affects: Anthropological Ways Toward Re-Enchanting Disenchantment

Panel no. 31 - The Potentiality of Encounters

Panel no. 33 - Imagining Europe - Fantasies Around Migration to Europe

Panel no. 35 - Time, (Im)Mobility and Vulnerability

Panel no. 41 - Technology: Teaching and Learning Anthropology Around the World

Panel no. 45 - Whose Future Is It? Temporality and Asymmetric Politics in Times of Uncertainty

Panel no. 48 - "Twice-Migrants" in the Context of Nationality, Nationalism and Nationhood

Panel no. 49 - Ethnographies of Neoliberalism: Hope or Pessimism?

Panel no. 50 - Invasiveness: Knowledges, Constructions and Representations of Invasive Species

Panel no. 53 - The Human Legacy of Kinship

Panel no. 54 - What Can Anthropology Offer and What Can It Receive from the New Generations? How to Set up a Bottom-Up Teaching and a Bidirectional Relationship

Panel no. 56 - Mobilities and Materialities: Body, Infrastructure, and Environment

Panel no. 58 - Coming of Age for the Traditional Medicine System of Indigenous Populations: Is Connecting the Unconnected the Way Forward?

Panel no. 60 - Anthropology as Education. Exploring Practices and Opportunities to Employ Anthropology in the Formation of the Citizens and the Professionals of the Future

Panel no. 63 - Coming of (Old) Age on Earth: Imagining Our Aging Future

Panel no. 64 - Sensory Environmental Relationships - Between Memories of the Past and Imaginings of the Future

Panel no. 66 - Against Universality of Human Rights: Political Economy of Human Rights, Local Values and Legal Pluralism in New World Order

Panel no. 67 - Religious Cultures Under the Earth

Panel no. 70 - Artivism for Urban Change

Panel no. 71 - Encounters Across Difference: Moving Beyond Dark Anthropology

Panel no. 73 - New Social Movements and Development: Perspectives from Global South

Panel no. 74 - Coming of Age on Bilingual Education in Liangshan and New Global Comparisons

Panel no. 75 - Legacies and Next Generation Parenting

Panel no. 77 - Health Transition in Modern Societies

Panel no. 81 - Essentialism in Deprecatory Expressions of the Other: Comparing Mid-19th to Mid-20th Century Examples with Those of the Early 21st Century

Panel no. 84 - Imagine Kinship!

Panel no. 85 - Disasters as Transformation: The Anthropology-Geography Dialogues

Panel no. 87 - Capitalizing Return. Remigrants and Transnational Networks as Significant Actors of Change

Panel no. 88 - Emerging Urban Political Subjectivities: Synergies, Tensions, Contradictions and Transformations in Pluralizing Cities

Panel no. 89 - Rethinking East Asian Anthropologies in Historical Perspective

Panel no. 90 - The Role of Applied Anthropology in Behavior Change Communication (BCC) and HIV Prevention: Focus on the New Generational Cultural Challenges

Panel no. 91 - Knowing in the Field: Ethnography in Overbearing Conditions (sponsored by the Arab Council for the Social Sciences)

Panel no. 92 - Anthropological Contribution in the Age of Global Health

Panel no. 93 - European Makings of "Good" and "Bad" Refugees: Contestations of the Right to Have Rights

Panel no. 95 - The Tides of Change: Living Off and With Heritage on the Coast

Panel no. 98 - Doing Anthropology: Locating the Self In/Through the Field

Panel no. 99 - National Intimacy Historical Present and Possibilities of New Imaginaries

Poster session