# Between the mountain and the sea: Emilia-Romagna foodscape in the 20th century

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Between the mountain and the sea: Emilia-Romagna foodscape in the 20th century

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Emilia-Romagna is one of the most advanced and wealthy regions in Italy; its success began after WWII with the creation of a system of small-medium enterprises and the development of tourist activities. Very important became the agri-food sector underpinned by the increasing presence of tourists from Italy and abroad.
Emilia-Romagna foodscape is based on 44 Designations of Origin (PDO and PGI), more than those of many European States. Over years we have witnessed the heritagization of the region, with great economic and social benefits. This foodscape is not conventionally related to Mediterranean Diet: pork sausages and sauces have an important place on the table. Nevertheless, thanks to effective public policies, Emilia-Romagna is now perceived as the real land of taste.
Emilia-Romagna is a flat wedge among the mountain and the Adriatic Sea. Its cuisine is suspended between the peasant diet of the countryside and the Mediterranean diet of the Adriatic coast; between the poverty of the tradition and the wealth of the invented tradition offered to the gluttonous tourists.
This paper aims to reflect on this apparently contradictory characteristic and will help us to discover that the peasant diet was healthy as well as the Mediterranean diet, and not for choice but for necessity. Due to the great scarcity of meat and cheese product, peasant diet used huge quantities of vegetables, and meat, cheese, and fish products (on the coast) were on only a small amount of full diet.

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Panel no. 23 - Mediterranean Foodscapes: (New) Models of Sociability and Sustainability

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