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#478 Civic and Political Contribution of the Remigrants in Central East European Countries

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Civic and Political Contribution of the Remigrants in Central East European Countries

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After the Collapse of Communism many Central East European countries experienced large migration of their citizens to West European countries with deep-rooted democracies. A possible assumption is that emigrants adopt civic norms, values and practices prevailing in those countries and transfer them to those that stayed in their countries of origin. Such transfer can be both remote and direct after returning home. This presentation aims to reveal civic and political remittances made by return migrants in three Central East European countries – Lithuania,Poland and Croatia.  Presentation is based on in-depth interviews with 43 returnees of these countries made in May – November 2020.  By following the theoretical insights on migrants’ political influence on democratization of their country of origin (Keck and Sikking1998, Piper 2009, Tabar 2014, Kessler and Rother 2016, Ahmadov and Sasse 2016, etc.) presentation explores forms of political remittances and factors that influence the motivation to remit and process of transfer. Also it discusses interaction between ethnic and civic identity of returnees and its links with the intensity of remittances, as well as acceptivity of these remittances by people in countries of origin.

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Panel no. 87 - Capitalizing Return. Remigrants and Transnational Networks as Significant Actors of Change

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