#475 Anthropology for All: Insight for an Anthropology as Education Curriculum

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Anthropology for All: Insight for an Anthropology as Education Curriculum

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In December 2020, Dr. Susan Moore, an African American woman physician and graduate of one of the U.S.’s top medical schools, chronicled her experience of racial bias during a hospitalization after testing positive for coronavirus. In a haunting video recorded by Moore and posted to Facebook, she described her experience of being denied adequate care, and feeling that the White male doctor treating her minimized her complaints of pain. In her account she described how the doctor said he didn’t feel comfortable giving her any more narcotics. Moore said, “He made me feel like a drug addict.” Moore’s pain was eventually treated. She was released from the hospital, only to return to another hospital less than twelve hours later when her condition worsened. Moore, 52, died December 20th. Subsequent outcry from physicians, scholars, and public health experts on Twitter, Facebook and the press highlighted the pervasiveness of systemic racial bias in medicine. Moore’s harrowing experience in advocating for her own medical treatment in the context of the coronavirus pandemic which has disproportionately killed African Americans and Latinos in the U.S., calls for anthropology as education as an approach for contributing to the training, preparation, and professional development of those in professions of teaching, health care, social work, and criminal justice, where decisions made in everyday practice have the potential to shape future possibilities, and sometimes life, or death. The paper draws upon core concepts and methods of anthropology for shaping an education of humanity for a more just future.

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Panel no. 60 - Anthropology as Education. Exploring Practices and Opportunities to Employ Anthropology in the Formation of the Citizens and the Professionals of the Future

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