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#462 I research too! Building socio-cultural competencies together through exchange.

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I research too! Building socio-cultural competencies together through exchange.

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How does anthropology participate in the education of future generations? What value does it place on the field experiences of young people? In order to facilitate reflections on our current and future interaction with young people and children, we will first take a look at videos and web pages produced by them and collected in a European portal. Schools of all levels in Italy, for example, have always drawn on anthropological skills, declined through various projects: environmental, intergenerational, cultural exchange, citizenship and solidarity at multiple levels, local, European, global. We will ask ourselves not only about what anthropology has already left, often generously in an anonymous way, as a legacy to schools and various educational institutions, but also about what it can certainly offer even more in the future. The videos produced by European children and young people on various topics dear to socio-cultural anthropology document not only complex interdisciplinary activities, but also their virtual and real exchanges with other cultures and their "field research": they are their creative way of dealing with anthropological issues, guided by adults; they are the testimony that schools have been working for years on socio-cultural competences but still need a greater recognition of the role of anthropology in their growth. Orienting young people towards anthropological studies requires careful listening and an examination, free of preconceptions, of their interests, their relationships, their approach to global and local problems and, ultimately, of their creative productions. Interacting with young people means preparing a better future together.

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Panel no. 54 - What Can Anthropology Offer and What Can It Receive from the New Generations? How to Set up a Bottom-Up Teaching and a Bidirectional Relationship

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