#460 Full-time mothers: the new meaning of the "new housewives" activity

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Full-time mothers: the new meaning of the "new housewives" activity

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This ongoing research investigates women mothers who decide to leave formal work activities in the labor market, and choose to establish themselves in the domestic space for a certain period to take care of their children and family. It has been observed so far through the investigation of a labor market in the private space, that such space is configured as little described and observed. However, it is justified because it tries to rethink the visibility of the understanding of this place of the feminine, wrapped in a new understanding regarding the debates in the contemporary agenda about feminism, labor market and motherhood. Against this debate, we currently observe that according to data from INEP (National Institute of Educational Studies and Research Anísio Teixeira) in Brazil, the number of women accessing education at all levels is growing. While such women reveal the possibility of returning home, contradicting and ordering a new way of being and being in the practice of a feminist movement, when they decide to be and care for their children. This research is inspired by relevant research in the area of ​​Anthropology, Feminist Anthropology, Gender Relations and studies on contemporary families. First, a bibliographic survey and analysis was carried out on gender, family and women, then we interviewed women who opted for motherhood and return home, interrupting their professional occupation, however such women do not claim to be housewives, but rather, assume academic training as an occupation, without, however, exercising it professionally.

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Panel no. 06 - Feminist-inspired Activist Imaginaries for Making Change: Social Making Legacies and Methodological Framings

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