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#451 Teaching Lesbian Theory in Brazil: from an online course towards political action

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Title Dr. Organization / Institution Federal University of Bahia Department Gender and Feminisms
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Teaching Lesbian Theory in Brazil: from an online course towards political action

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The online course “Feminist Theory and Lesbianity” was an online course taught during the pandemic of COVID-19 (Aug.-Dec., 2020) at the Federal University of Bahia, Brazil. With 70 students, mostly from graduate programs from many universities with diverse backgrounds and fields of study, the course focused on policies to address lesbianities in many areas of governance such as Education, Human Rights, Health and Security. The course also addressed intersections between sexuality and disablism, race, ethnicities and transversalized the theme with other areas such as maternity, violence, memory, archives and philosophy. With an anthropological perspective the online course was able to produce networks between lesbian students all over the country, culminating with the publication of a manifest completely written by them. In this sense, this anthropological experience of teaching lesbian theory was a successful example of the role of university in contributing with political action.

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