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#447 Europeanization of the Romanian Ethnology & Anthropology. A Situation Analysis of the Disciplines at the 'Eastern Margins' of Europe

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Europeanization of the Romanian Ethnology & Anthropology. A Situation Analysis of the Disciplines at the 'Eastern Margins' of Europe

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In the course of the anthropological “turn to Europe” (Pöhls et al. 2007) with a self-Europeanization of the discipline and its research fields, an 'othering' of peripheral regions along with an epistemic exclusion of Eastern European sciences (Buchowski 2004), took place. This persistent disparity privileges social and cultural anthropology situated in Western Europe above ethnology/anthropology positioned in the post-socialist East in terms of theory building and research. From the perspective of post-colonially informed 'Critical Europeanization Studies', this paper, as a presentation of a master thesis, examines how a Europeanization of the discipline and the politics associated with it affects Romanian ethnology and anthropology. In terms of multi-sited ethnography (Marcus 1995), participant observation and qualitative expert interviews were used to elicit changes (especially during the last three decades) and current negotiation processes within the Romanian disciplines. Striking was a recurring division narrative, based on Lévi-Strauss momentous hierarchizing division with ethnology as local ethnographic research on which comparative, theory building anthropology is built. The disparity existing at the European level emerges also at the local scale as dynamics that determine today’s relations and inequalities of the disciplines: a striving of ethnology toward Western connoted anthropology, from which the latter rigorously demarcates itself. Moreover, there is a (simultaneous) striving of both disciplines toward the West, characterized by the desire for recognition on the European/international stage of anthropology. Contrary to a continuation of this Eurocentric legacy, a 'self-reflexive turn' both on the Western and Eastern sides would be fundamental for future anthropological knowledge production.

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Panel no. 110 - Next Generation Anthropology: Cosmopolitanian Anthropology, World Anthropology, World Anthropologies, Trans-national Anthropology, or Something Else?

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