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#436 The politics of sentimentality and diaspora narratives

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The politics of sentimentality and diaspora narratives

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Lauren Berlant argues that the politics of sentimentality relates to the fantasy of good life. The central focus of this paper is to question the fantasy of good life (Berlant) in contemporary narratives on Croatians as being ”a brand in Chile”. I ask the following questions: What does it mean to talk about Croatian emigrants and their descendants in Chile as ”being a brand”? How is “good life” constructed in these narratives and what are the social norms with which ”good life” articulates? What is included and what is excluded from these narratives? And finally, in what ways do the narratives of “success” and ”good life” place Croatian immigrants in Chile in a different position vis-à-vis other immigrants, and in relation to the indigenous population?

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Panel no. 99 - National Intimacy Historical Present and Possibilities of New Imaginaries

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