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#431 Technology and Teaching: Advantages/Disadvantages, Issues to Consider and Lessons Learned

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Technology and Teaching: Advantages/Disadvantages, Issues to Consider and Lessons Learned

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Technology allows instructors to utilize various methods to engage with students locally and with students and scholars across the globe. Numerous modalities and platforms exist that can be used to teach students. One method of delivery may not fit all courses and instructors. Methods of delivery may include remote (synchronous), totally online (asynchronous), or a hybrid approach. Instructor comfort with a particular method of delivery, course content and internet bandwidth are some factors to consider when determining the mode of delivery for a course. Teaching remotely or totally online brings up different issues than when teaching in person. How do we address issues such as student isolation, student lack of familiarity with technology or lack of student engagement in an online or remote class? Using personal experience, this paper examines 1) teaching students remotely during the pandemic; and 2) using technology to mentor the local instructor and co-teach students in another part of the world. Lessons learned and issues to consider when teaching remotely (synchronously) or co-teaching a course digitally to students in another country are discussed. The advantages/ disadvantages of remote (synchronous), totally online (asynchronous), and hybrid teaching are explored. The use of technology allows for various ways to connect with students in a class and to engage with scholars across the globe. Identifying what works best for the course, instructor, and students will facilitate a positive learning experience for instructor and students.

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Panel no. 41 - Technology: Teaching and Learning Anthropology Around the World

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