#430 Generating New Knowledge in the Field through Art

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Generating New Knowledge in the Field through Art

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The affective side of experiencing the field is usually not reported by researchers for a variety of reasons, mainly because of the stigma of irrationality and subjectivity in scientific research. During the field research on the influences of popular television series on Moroccan women's everyday lives, reflecting on encounters through art proved to be a good catalyst for expressing personal emotions in dealing with everyday life events such as marital disputes, births, deaths, religious celebrations, marriages, and gender-based violence. Drawing and doodling proved to be an excellent tool for expressing the dynamics of the differences between one's "own" and the "Other's" knowledge systems, as well as for managing the positive or negative emotions of the encounters. The main argument I will pursue in my paper is that it is beneficial for a researcher to become emotionally and personally involved in the research questions and the people being studied, especially when looking at oneself, not only for ethical and moral reasons but also to tap into additional productive and untapped sources of knowledge that can complement more traditional methods of anthropological research. In the paper, I aim to show how drawings can be used as a tool to transcend abstract notions of "the Other", to preserve them and the affective response beyond space and time, and to transform them into a space of dynamic negotiation where reflection on the encounter can generate new knowledge and understanding.

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Panel no. 31 - The Potentiality of Encounters

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