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#415 Exploring notions of health and productivity among Brazilian startup workers based in Florianópolis, a Southern city of Brazil

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Exploring notions of health and productivity among Brazilian startup workers based in Florianópolis, a Southern city of Brazil

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This paper explores how emergent neoliberal structures of labor are contributing to the contemporary notions of health and productivity among young startup workers living in the city of Florianópolis, Brazil. To answer this question, workers’ life stories will be collected to understand how they cope with and manage their health statuses while working on technology-based companies monitored by intensive productivity metrics. Apparently, these new working environments seem to be capable of providing both pleasure and suffering among workers. Satisfaction is commonly achieved by experiencing the ambiance's innovation, while suffering often arises from the daily routine's contradictions and its flexible working hours that often incite an illusory sense of freedom. Since the rise and consolidation of platform monopolies - such as Google, Facebook, Amazon - have happened after the 1970s neoliberal policies turn, I am assuming that later technology-based companies, in their urge for “market freedom and disruptive innovation”, also contribute to the current advancements in social structures and individual subjectivities. Thus, startups might not be reshaping market structures only, but also the way workers become projects themselves. Once the capacities to control and manage our lives through intervening in our own bodies is growing, we as subjects are becoming projects of constant self-improvement, willing to lay hands on whatever we need “to be better than normal” (English-Lueck, 2010) and to enhance our productivity’s statuses. Therefore, this study is willing to emphasize the need to research some of the late capitalism effects on one of its instances of production: the startups.

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Panel no. 15 - Coming of Age as Entrepreneurs: Biopolitics and Ethics of Youth in Modern-Day Economies

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