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#401 Fluid Europe? On Intra- European Imaginaries and Experiences of Migration

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Fluid Europe? On Intra- European Imaginaries and Experiences of Migration

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The paper explores the issues of mobility, "migrancy" and Europe as a fluid project, mainly focusing on the recent intra European migration, paying attention to different forms and ways of configuring the phenomenon in itself. I attempt to analyze the topic of this panel by identifying and interpreting its main trends but mostly its nowadays irregularities and specific, individual narratives, considering the European macro and micro levels contexts in which all these are triggered and produced. My intention is to deconstruct the specific dynamics regular/irregular migration, addressing the question of the present days necessity and/or viability of classification trends regarding migration in different types of migration studies, making references especially to intra- European cases. Another relevant part of my paper underlines the ways in which the migration phenomena are contributive to continuous processes of "modeling" and redefining Europe, seen as a fluid, flexible entity, paying attention to their nowadays specificities in relation to the past. All these research questions are addressed to certain extents in my paper and the responses are given on the basis of the in-depth interviews and life histories recorded and documented when conducting fieldwork on this topic, in different parts of Europe (especially two Transylvanian villages/my native town and London). Implicitly, I intend to pay a special attention to the dynamics East/West within Europe (as well as at large) and in various Europeanist discourses regarding migration, entirely assuming the fact that my biographical experiences and cultural belongings affect deeply the research processes.

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Panel no. 33 - Imagining Europe - Fantasies Around Migration to Europe

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