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#397 Migration vis-a-vis Social Changes: Case Study of Marginalised Migrants

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Title Migration vis-a-vis Social Changes: Case Study of Organization / Institution University of Delhi Department Department of Anthropology
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Migration vis-a-vis Social Changes: Case Study of Marginalised Migrants

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Migration is linked to mankind from its earliest phases. It is usually responsible to bring social and cultural changes in a community; and also leads to population redistribution. This paper intends to elucidate internal migration of marginalised people from rural to urban areas in Delhi, the capital of India; and will highlight how this migratory movement helped in dealing with social and economic struggles of their lives. It will also discuss about the challenges people faced upon reaching at Delhi and are still facing. It further explores the changes that had happened in the community due to migration. Few of them are leaving their traditional occupation and entering into new fields, changes in educational level of the people over the years, shifts in marriage pattern, dress, perception towards girl child and aspirations of children of the community. It will briefly discuss how the pandemic has affected these people and again forced them to migrate. At last, work and education will be discussed from the view point of inclusion and exclusion. All this clearly indicating that migration is not merely a movement from a place to another but brings drastic socio-cultural and structural changes in both receiving and sending communities.

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Panel no. 22 - Legacies of Forced Migrations: The Politics of Exclusions and Inclusions

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