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#394 Being Migrant/Refugee as a Process of Accumulation of "Migrant Capital” :The Case of Central American Migrants in Mexico

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Being Migrant/Refugee as a Process of Accumulation of "Migrant Capital” :The Case of Central American Migrants in Mexico

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The movement of people from the global "South" to the "North" has become an "everyday" topic in the modern world. In the past, Mexico was a sending country of so-called "illegal immigrants" to the United States. However, in recent years, the number of Mexican immigrants has decreased, and Mexico is becoming a transit route and a receiving country for Central American immigrants toward the north. This report explores these migrants/refugees' experiences in México, and how the social reality we often refer to as "neoliberalism" is perceived by them and how it affects their choice of actions and strategies. Through negotiations with various actors in the migration process, they face the need to reconstruct their experience and existence as "migrants/refugees" to achieve their goals. One of the interpretive frameworks adopted in this process of repositioning the events in their home countries is "neoliberalism. Thus, the effects of neoliberal social restructuring are used as a "resource" to form new and unexpected subjects, namely "migrants/refugees". However, they are not just kneeling and consumed by this social reality. They are repositioning themselves in the world made possible by the interpretive framework of "neoliberalism," and using new attributes as resources to obtain chances to construct new lives. They are attempting to multiply their significance and value in the networks created in this unique circumstance. The purpose of this paper is to clarify mechanisms of this process, which we see as an accumulation process of "migrant capital".

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Panel no. 49 - Ethnographies of Neoliberalism: Hope or Pessimism?

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