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#393 An Integrated Future : Connecting The Unconnected Traditional Healing System

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An Integrated Future : Connecting The Unconnected Traditional Healing System

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The current global health crisis has been an eye opener for leaders and policy makers worldwide. It has been instrumental in reflecting on how compromised and limited the global cooperation is. It also exposed how the multicultural setup of our global village is based just on demography and fails to seep into the ideological and political levels. The biggest sufferers in the crisis have been the indigenous populations. We tried to analyze the situation of the indigenous people during the crisis across the globe using secondary data and found a similar pattern of acculturation all over. The data indicates how an integration oriented policy approach and outlook, due to prejudice, has only led to marginalization and at best assimilation of the indigenous groups worldwide. Most of the indigenous populations were forced to take self-regulatory measures and many reverted back to land moments in the wake of the crisis and further due to either inadequate or complete absence of help from the government. In the forefront of these regulatory measures have been the traditional healers and healing methods. As is seen in policy from countries world over, traditional healing methods are being promoted and being emphasized upon in the current global health crisis. It can perhaps be concluded that traditional healing methods are the only way to disburden the modern scientific biomedical model and are our way forward.

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Panel no. 58 - Coming of Age for the Traditional Medicine System of Indigenous Populations: Is Connecting the Unconnected the Way Forward?

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